Membership Happenings

Membership Happenings By Gloria Yost and Vicky Lovell

Strengthening our AAUW Sacramento connections and friendships

Let’s Talk About Membership!

The AAUW calendar year runs from July 1 – June 30, and most of us renew our memberships in May and June in one of two ways

  • We complete our forms directly through National online, or
  • We complete a paper form which we send to our Membership Treasurer, Donna Holmes who then transfers our data online

In any case we want to be prompt so we’ll be included in the Membership Directory. 

Newer members have individual membership years, depending on when they join the branch.  For example, if Gini joins in September 2024, her membership renewal will be due September 2025.  Confusing at times?   Yes!

Please remember to complete and turn in the member volunteer form to help our branch leaders know who is willing to help with things like refreshments, welcoming members at events and more.

Let’s shoot for the stars with a 100% renewal rate!!!

Vicky, Donna and Gloria are here to help.

It’s time to enjoy the flowers – unless allergies get to you As our 2023-2024 AAUW year begins to wane, it’s also time to self-reflect on our AAUW lives. Here’s a checklist:

  • I did my part to welcome new members and make them feel included
  • I participated in an interest group or outreach program
  • I invited one or more guests to a branch event
  • I attended our Lights, Camera, Actions themed programs
  • I renewed my membership promptly
  • I donated to my favorite AAUW programs

Celebrating May Birthdays! 

Happy Birthday to All!

  • Patricia Stillwell                               5/1
  • Patricia Morehead                          5/5
  • Janis Appel                                       5/13
  • Margaret McCarthy                        5/16
  • Rosemary Howard                          5/18
  • Pat McCarty                                     5/19
  • Deborah Dunn                                5/22
  • Maria Teresa Hoecker                   5/23
  • Cheryl Fuller                                    5/24
  • Merrie McLaughlin                         5/26
  • Tamara Olson                                 5/28
  • Patty Taylor                                     5/29
  • Margot Leidig                                  5/31