Funds Update by Donna Holmes and Marty McKnew

CONGRATULATIONS Sacramento Branch! The 2015 Annual Report has been released and, for the first time Marty and I can remember, we are one of the top 50 branches for Funds donations. Considering the number of branches in the United States, this is wonderful! Thank you to all who donated, in no particular order:

May Ruth Lynch, Glee Scully, Anita Miller, Alicia Hetman, Kathy Asay, Alice Bauer, Shari Beck, Jean Bonar, Susan Bordner, Ruth Burgess, Linda Cook, Carol Doughty, Joan Eddy, Mary Ann Fleming, SueAnn Freeman, Cheryl D. Fuller, Mary Ann Grant, Alice Hammel, Joan Hammond, Donna Holmes, Lisa Howard, Robin Howlett, Marlene Jackson, Elizabeth Jordan, Gail La Fortune, Nancy Lawrence, Cathy Locke, Nancy McCabe, Elaine Moody, Patricia Morehead, Susana Mullen, Marilyn Orrick, Cherril Peabody, Bonnie Penix, Diane Petersen, Jane Pivetti, Anne Rhodes, Malinda Rice, Georgia Richardson, Marianne Rorden, Sandi Schoenman, Gina Schumacher, Gloria Sears, Barbara Smith, Hedda Smithson, Linda Tinker, Pam Vaughn, Alice Welborn, Ruth Werner, Shirley Wheeler, Linda Whitney, Pat Winkle, Sandra Winter, Sanaye Yokota, Gloria Yost, Charmen Goehring, Rosa Lee Black, Sandra Cavey, Judy Tanner, Ann Arneill-Py, Betty Riley, Carol Doughty, Karen Rauhaus, Elizabeth Hendrickson, Joan Rhee, Linda Tinsman, Shirley Sickert, Loraine Holden Lorreta Hom, Mary Schneider, Ginger Bartel-Sherb, Anna Storey, Marlys Huez, Jane Reinmuth, Jane Cooley, Rhonda Skipper-Dotta, Karen Smith, and Marty McKnew.

Many, many thanks to the 78 members, or one-third of our branch, for their support of our mission. For those who did not donate, or did not donate to our 100th Anniversary Fund #4372, it is never too late!

Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year,

Donna and Marty