Funds Update by Funds Director Kathleen L. Asay

I first became acquainted with AAUW fellowships and grants over forty ago when I was in my twenties, newly married and working in the graduate division fellowship office at UCLA. Above my desk hung a poster for post-doctoral fellowships being given by the American Association of University Women. I was impressed that there was a program just for women but even more impressed by the women who were applying for it.

We’re still giving those awards, but now AAUW offers support for women in all levels of education, in research, career development and study for select professions such as STEM or business. AAUW funds provide community action grants to individuals, branches and non-profits. Did you know that nearly $4 million is awarded every year? Since 1888, AAUW has awarded more than $100 million.

This year, Sacramento branch is proclaiming loudly that AAUW Speaks Out for Women. One way we speak is through our financial support of women who will be the leaders of tomorrow. Be watching for ways you can help