Funds Updates by Kathleen Asay and Danielle Metzinger

Kathy Asay

It’s mid-October as I write this, we’ve just had our meeting on the ballot propositions, and Public Policy is on many minds. Did you notice when you renewed your membership that you could have donated to Fund #4337, the Public Policy Fund? A few people did and supported it. But for the rest of us, Fund #4337 is probably a mystery. At best, you might guess that it supports AAUW’s advocacy for public policies and laws that are fair to women and girls. You’d be right, but there is more to it than that. Here, from AAUW-CA’s website, are the three specific ways in which public policies are addressed and the numbers of the programs if you are interested in donating to anyone in particular:

#2256 Government Relations. Provides for our professional lobbyists on Capitol Hill and in the White House, ensuring that our voices are heard in the centers of power when decisions are made that affect women and girls.

#2517 Civic Engagement. Provides members with information and tools to build robust woman-to-woman voter registration and turnout drives in their communities.

#2257 Field Organizing. Engages individuals and branches in public policy advocacy through Impact Grants, Action Network, the Two-Minute Activist program, and Washington Update.

Danielle Metzinger

Through Fund #4337, members enable the political activism and advocacy of AAUW, which is just one way that our organization supports women and girls. If you are not now receiving the reports listed above, go to or and sign up. When the emails come, you will see your donations in action.