Help AAUW Sacramento Meet Its Goals of 500 People Taking AAUW’s Free, Online “Work Smart” Course by Liz Jordan

Dear AAUW Sacramento members.

Can you help your branch close the Pay Gap with a small individual effort?  Gain personal self-confidence?  Help someone you know, woman or man, have a better financial future? Click

AAUW National has created a revised, interactive, online version of The Work Smart Program, a free salary negotiation course to help women and men better their financial Future.  AAUW Sacramento Board says we can get 500 people to take this course. Here is the link you should use to access this course.

AAUW created this revised course because of a two-part grant from the Coco-Cola.  With the second half of the grant, they plan an hourly-worker version, a Spanish Language version, and some specific career path versions.  In order to qualify for the second half of the grant, $500,000, they need 100,000 people, members and non-members to take the course.  It’s FREE.  It takes a couple of hours.  And there is something for everyone in this course teaching negotiation skills.

This easy e-tool,, can help one:

  • Learn the market value of your skills and experience/Determining your accomplishments and qualifying value.
  • Determine the equitable “target salary”/Determine a range of expectation, setting a minimum “get” without which you walk away.
  • Ask for—and get—the pay you deserve/Asking for enough of value that makes up for less-than-expected outcome.

SO, what if you are like me and don’t think you will be negotiating for a salary or a promotion again?  These negotiation skills transfer to all kinds of other situations, such as negotiating for the purchase of a car, a home, specific services or action.

We all know someone, who wants/needs to earn a better salary or who deserves a promotion.  These brief couple of hours on this course could make the difference.  Share the secret!  Send this link  for your contacts to use.

The program works! In surveys with our participants, nearly all reported having more confidence and better negotiating skills after taking the class.

Thank you if you take the course, and if you send it on to others, just copy and paste to get the protected link that helps us get credit for your participation!