Membership Matters by Janice Cesolini Stuter

Janice Stuter

As your newly elected Membership Director for the AAUW Sacramento branch, I am very pleased to meet and greet you through our newsletter at the beginning of our 100-year anniversary celebration. In the recent past, two members have served together as joint Membership Directors. This year, I will be a single Director, and I really could use a support group.

The Membership Committee, which is listed in this position’s job description, was officially approved by the Board in August 2012 and reviewed in June/July 2017, but currently has no standing members. The Membership Committee functions as an informal interest group. You could contribute as much or as little time as you prefer to its activities. If, after you have read some of the activities associated with the Membership Committee, you are interested in becoming a member, please email me using the subject heading AAUW Membership Committee and indicate your particular interest area. Thank you for giving thoughtful time to what you are willing to contribute to maintaining and extending AAUW’s lifeline to our community!

Members of this group would fall into various categories:

  1. Those willing to provide on-call, occasional back-up or substitute representation at monthly program meetings. (This involves signing in members and guests in attendance when neither myself nor Reservations Chair Dawn Boyd may be available.)
  2. Those willing to be involved in new member introductions and activities (One example would be the “Happy Networking Hour.” Other possibilities could be explored.)
  3. Those willing to be involved in building existing member involvement and connection with other members (ZIP Code Area meetings, local political activism and cultural trends get-togethers are only some of the possibilities.)
  4. Recruitment brainstorming focusing on increasing diversity, connecting to like-minded political groups and any other possible ideas you might have.
  5. Those interested in updating and streamlining membership procedures and records. (This would involve helping me go through the extensive membership files I’ve received from past membership chairs and winnowing and organizing them for the most effective present-day and future use.)