Funds Updates by Kathleen Asay and Merrie McLaughlin

It’s a New Funds Year

Kathy Asay

Kathy Asay

While our branch program year runs from September to June, AAUW Funds works on a calendar year. This means that a new cycle of funds solicitation has begun. Of course, donations are welcome at any time, but we make it easy by suggesting you include your gifts with your dues payment in the spring. Watch for instructions this year, as it will be the first year for full online renewals. Don’t worry; help will be available

Thank-you letters issued by our national association should reflect donations made in 2019. If you have not received official thanks with a note indicating the amount of the contribution, date, and AAUW’s tax I.D. number, contact AAUW and/or us. We will try to help you get what you need for tax time.

On a more fun note (awards are fun, taxes are not), Feb. 14 is the deadline for nominations for Named Gift Honorees for 2019. This unique program is the only one within AAUW that recognizes the work of our members, and with it, we say that our Funds gifts last year have been given in the names of these outstanding women for their work in 2019. Please think about your experiences within Sacramento Branch: Is there someone, or two or three you’ve seen doing the work of meetings or programs? Perhaps someone who represents the branch in your mind or who performed a service on behalf of the branch that you think is especially significant? See page 38 of your Directory for recent honorees to see who’s been honored already and to get some ideas. Send your suggestions to us. We have the difficult honor of making the final choices!