Important Membership Renewal Information By Liz Jordan

This year our branch is transitioning to AAUW’s national membership renewal system called MPP (Membership Payment Program).

  • Who? All renewing members, all new members, all of us. (We can make a few exceptions for members who do not have computer access.
  • Why? Because we must. The AAUW online membership renewal system has been in place for about 20 years and used by branches all over the country, but Sacramento has not participated because we liked our system. However, AAUW will no longer take checks; Association lost too much money from stolen, lost or bad checks. Now they require all branches to participate in MPP. (Here comes the future!)
  • How will you renew your membership? Easy! You will receive an AAUW Membership Renewal letter by U.S. mail and by email from Sharon Anderson, our Membership Treasurer. Both the letter and the email will explain how to provide your information and payment for renewal.

One important thing you will need is your AAUW membership number. I write mine on my directory every year so I can always find it. I also file it with my Passwords. If you have mislaid your number, we will be able to help you retrieve it. Don’t worry.

Sharon and many other board members will be available to answer your questions by phone and/or email.

We suggest you identify and use your most secure credit card, like American Express or any other card that tracks your usage and notifies you personally about your purchases.

  • When will you renew? We will all renew during our regular renewal time in April 2020. You will receive your instructions via mail then.
  • Where? On the Confirmation of Information and Volunteer Sheet you return by U.S. mail to Sharon Anderson, you will confirm or change your contact information, check what projects and interest groups you want to join or continue, and write in how you want to volunteer for the branch. You will also be able to include a tax-deductible donation check to our local outreach programs like Tech Trek, Speech Trek, Scholarships, NCCWSL, etc
  • How else can I make donations? You will soon have two ways to keep making your tax-deductible donations to your favorite local outreach program:
  • You will be able to send a check along with your confirmation of contact information and interest list at renewal time.
  • Additionally, you may donate year-round for each outreach program on our renovated website. New donation buttons will be added to the website for your convenience. Now, you can donate in December as well as April or May.

Do two simple things before April. Find your AAUW Membership Number (if you have it), and decide which credit card you want to use to renew.