Legacies, Contributions and More! By Charmen Goehring

Charmen Goehring

As we near the end of this crazy year, I want to thank you for your generosity in support of our mission of equity for women and girls. Branch contributions to the different AAUW Funds totaled over $8,000 this past fiscal year! The majority of donations were to The Greatest Needs

Fund, which covers almost all of AAUW’s programs and staff. If you are considering a year-end donation, the National Board of Directors will be matching contributions until December 31.


I would also like to announce one of the newest members of the Legacy Circle — Shari Beck! She joins a group of over 650 members nationwide who have committed to leaving AAUW a piece of their estate. There are many ways one can do this, and the process is very easy. By leaving a legacy gift, you help to ensure that AAUW is able to fight on behalf of women and girls for years to come. You can get more information at www.aauw.org or give Charmen Goehring a call.

Here’s to 2021!