Membership Update-Did You Know?

Membership: Did You Know? By Donna Holmes and Marty McKnew

Prospective members who join at a branch meeting get a 50 percent discount on National dues!  When you bring a prospective member to an AAUW event, their first year of membership is $71, instead of $102.

Know any prospective members?  Invite them to our next event. This discount applies if they join within two weeks of the event. For example, if you invite a prospective member to participate at the Nov.18 Zoom meeting, they get the discount if they join by Dec. 2. Or if you bring them to the Holiday Party on Dec. 11, they have until Dec. 25 to join. To activate this discount, please contact your membership co-director Marty McKnew. Marty’s contact information can be found in the branch Membership Directory.

Breaking News: For the 2021-22 year, the Sacramento AAUW Branch has retained more than 90 percent of all members from the 2020-21 year, thus contributing to our first “Star” in the National 5 Star program. Well done!