Reminder – It is Time to Renew!

Reminder – It is Time to Renew! By Marty McKnew

If you have already renewed – thank you!

The renewal process has changed!

  • Have you accessed your new AAUW account yet?  If so, skip to the next bullet.  With the new account you will have more options to self-service your account information and the ability to view past registrations, purchases and more.  Follow this step-by-step process in the tutorial under Logging In:
  • Once you have accessed your account, you can Renew your Membership online.  Using the above link, scroll down to Managing Your Membership for a tutorial on how to renew, or use the hints below.
  • Hints:
    • You will be asked for your College, Degree, Degree Field and date conferred.  If you know the year, any date will work.
    • Under Membership Type, if you do not have a Lifetime membership, select National.
    • Select Yes to add Branch and State membership.
    • Scroll down the list to CA0092-Sacramento, Inc., select it, then scroll to the bottom and click on Next.  If you are a dual member, select all your branches at this time.  The next screen will give you the opportunity to select your main branch.
    • Repeat for the state of CA-California.
  • If you want to pay with a check, click on the application link here to print an application and  follow the instructions.

Need help?  Contact us, our contact information is in the Membership Directory.

Donna Holmes and Marty McKnew
Co-Membership Directors