Named Gift Awards 2023

Named Gift Awards 2023 By Charmen Goehring

Each year, we are given the opportunity to recognize members by giving a portion of our Funds donations in honor of members who have given of themselves for our branch. This year, we honor three members who have worked hard for several years to have the Sacramento branch participate in Speech Trek.

Shari Beck is known as the “volunteers’ volunteer.” She is reliable and has a great sense of humor. Ann Arneill is considered a “secret weapon”, busily writing articles and keeping the branch informed about Speech Trek. Kathleen Deaver is a supportive team member — we don’t always see her name associated with Speech Trek (and Tech Trek) as she often works behind the scenes.

Most of us see only the final product — the branch Speech Trek contest. Months before, these ladies are busy contacting schools, delivering flyers, recruiting students, giving informational workshops with the students, providing public speaking tips and even offering suggestions to improve speeches. They also began a members’ Speech Trek Challenge in the month prior to the official competition. As one of the few branches that participate in Speech Trek, we appreciate all their efforts and are proud to select them as our Named Gift Awardees.