Membership Happenings

Membership Happenings By Gloria Yost and Vicky Lovell

Strengthening our AAUW Sacramento connections and friendships

Fellow active members, WE NEED YOUR HELP!
Do you know that only about half of our members read Capital Ideas?
Even fewer read the e-Blasts!
How can they participate when they are so uninformed?

Please help us increase member participation by checking on your AAUW friends.  Help them add AAUW Sacramento to their contact lists so it doesn’t end up in spam or worse

  • Our newsletter, Capital Ideas, arrives near the end of each month. Did your fellow members open and read it?
  • Look for Eblasts, usually sent out on Monday or Wednesday, that provide details about our upcoming branch events and how to sign up to attend. Do your friends read them?
  • Finally, if they accidentally unsubscribed to AAUW Sacramento, or are having computer troubles, PLEASE LET US KNOW SO WE CAN HELP.

Meet our New AAUW Sacramento Members!

We now have 18 new members who have joined this year so far.  If you meet them at an event or a book group or interest group, let them know what you enjoy and appreciate most about our branch — after telling them how glad you are they joined.  Our three newest members are:

  • Paola Mendez
  • Rebecca Peebles
  • Jeannie London

Welcome all to AAUW Sacramento!

Celebrating February Birthdays! 

Happy Birthday to All!

  • Anna Storey                                  2/1
  • Kathleen Deaver                          2/2
  • Margaret Steinberg                     2/3
  • Arlene Cullum                               2/4
  • Kathie Huff                                    2/4
  • Susan Whetstone                         2/9
  • Jane Cooley                                    2/14
  • Nancy Fox                                      2/16
  • Jean Brown                                    2/24
  • Carol Finney                                  2/25
  • Inger Lindholm                             2/26
  • Karen W. Smith                            2/26