Scholarship Committee Update

Scholarship Committee Update By Cherril Peabody

Many of you heard most of our 2023-24 scholarship recipients speak at the branch holiday luncheon last month. Weren’t they inspiring? I have been involved with our scholarship program for many years, and I think it is one of the best things our branch does. This year I am proud to say we have 19 members on the Scholarship Committee as we embark on another recruitment season for 2024-25, and I am asking for your help as well.

Our 2024-25 application is now posted on the branch website: or just Google AAUW Sacramento. After reading the qualifications requirements, if you know a woman who might be eligible to receive it, please contact her and let her know about this opportunity. This year we will give the same amount as last year: $3,000 to each recipient. The number of awards will depend on the quality of the applications we receive and the amount of funds that are available. This leads me to the second way you can help. Our funds have been somewhat depleted because we had five exceptionally worthy recipients this year. If you can, please contribute to our scholarship fund before our application deadline, March 31, so we will know as we make our decisions how much we have to give. I will really appreciate your help!