Interest Group Updates

Kathy Papst has resigned from the board.  We are pleased to welcome board member Becky Anton, who has stepped in to take up the position.

The annual AAUW Showcase in September was a great beginning for our new year.  Several members signed up for interest groups. The full list of current groups can be found on pages 4-5 in the Directory.

Ellynrose Sheehan suggested starting a new dining group of members who are “foodies” and also who enjoy cooking.  The group could gather once a month or every other month at member’s homes for a dining experience. The group would also decide whether to meet on a weeknight or on the weekend.

Members interested in forming this new dining can email Ellynrose Sheehan or new Interest Groups Director Becky Anton at .

New groups can be easily formed by identifying a group leader and gaining authorization from the Board through new Director Becky Anton.