Funds Updates by Kathleen Asay and Merrie McLaughlin

Kathy Asay

Kathy Asay

The Numbers are In

Recently, we learned that Sacramento Branch contributed $7,885 to AAUW Funds in 2019. Thank you all. You are a consistently generous group. As you know, your contributions help maintain AAUW as an organization, as an advocate for women and girls and as a supporter of equity in education. Around the country and the world, women are earning advanced degrees, conducting research, banding together to take a stand—all with the support of AAUW Funds. AAUW has been a global leader in educational funding for women and girls since 1888 with $4 million awarded annually in recent years, $100 million since 1888.

Dianne Owens, CA AAUW Fund Director, also reports that the state exceeded its goal of $500,000 donated in 2019 and raised an outstanding $500,771.80. All over California, women like us are saying with their contributions that they believe in the goals of AAUW.

For Sacramento members, a surprise bonus: As you know, for every $750 we donate, we are allowed to recognize a Named Gift Honoree. Though most years we qualify for more, we gratefully select only three or four. But this year that $7,885 qualifies us for 10, and we have decided to honor 10.

See you in May with the names.