President’s Message

President’s Message By Angela Scarlett

Fellow AAUW Sacramento Members,

This month feels more critical than others, as we face a shortage of active volunteers in our organization. Our members have been incredibly generous financially supporting AAUW Sacramento’s core outreach programs. The financial support makes a lot of sense; as our AAUW members age, it becomes easier for many to write a check than volunteer our time.

Angela Scarlett

Right now, our Tech Trek program is facing a shortage of active members who can work with schools, recruit, interview and mentor students, and administer our local program. Our needs also include someone who can serve as a Tech Trek director on our local board. This program has been a vibrant part of AAUW Sacramento for many years, and it would indeed be a shame if we have to let it go, given the substantial financial support it receives from our members. If you are interested in helping for even a few hours, please reach out to me.

Lastly, COVID-19 is on my mind (I am sure it’s on yours, as well). We have an outside ice cream social planned for October and hope to celebrate with you! We will require vaccinations and masks to minimize the risk of Delta variant infections. If you have a medical exception, again, contact me via our directory.

Warmest Regards to all!
Angela Scarlett
AAUW Sacramento President