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President’s Message

President’s Message By Angela Scarlett

Fellow AAUW Sacramento Members,

This month feels more critical than others, as we face a shortage of active volunteers in our organization. Our members have been incredibly generous financially supporting AAUW Sacramento’s core outreach programs. The financial support makes a lot of sense; as our AAUW members age, it becomes easier for many to write a check than volunteer our time.

Angela Scarlett

Right now, our Tech Trek program is facing a shortage of active members who can work with schools, recruit, interview and mentor students, and administer our local program. Our needs also include someone who can serve as a Tech Trek director on our local board. This program has been a vibrant part of AAUW Sacramento for many years, and it would indeed be a shame if we have to let it go, given the substantial financial support it receives from our members. If you are interested in helping for even a few hours, please reach out to me.

Lastly, COVID-19 is on my mind (I am sure it’s on yours, as well). We have an outside ice cream social planned for October and hope to celebrate with you! We will require vaccinations and masks to minimize the risk of Delta variant infections. If you have a medical exception, again, contact me via our directory.

Warmest Regards to all!
Angela Scarlett
AAUW Sacramento President

Member Birthdays, Book Groups, Printable Articles and More!

Celebrating October Birthdays! By Donna Holmes

  Happy Birthday to All!

  • Kathy Schrumpf                     10/1
  • Judy Maben                            10/2
  • Janice Stuter                           10/5
  • Mary Williams                        10/8
  • Karen Ann Smith                   10/9
  • Lynn Blair Wood                    10/12
  • Linda Cook                              10/13
  • Jennifer Virginia Stanley       10/14
  • Tina Taggart                           10/14
  • Lyn Roefs                                10/15
  • Susan McLearan                    10/17
  • Betty Riley                               10/20
  • Elizabeth Hendrickson          10/21
  • Marianne Rorden                   10/21
  • Sandra Winter                         10/21
  • Christina Calpo                       10/23
  • Gail Evans                                10/26
  • Bakula Maniar                         10/27
  • Celeste Roseberry-McKibbin 10/27

Book Groups By Sharon Anderson

Book Group 2: 
The Invisible Bridge, by Julie Orringel, on Oct. 5; coordinator is Carol Hayes

Book Group 3: 
Reading a book selection and meeting on Oct. 27; coordinator is Carolyn Meeker

Book Group 4: 
Notes of a Native Son, by James Baldwin, on Oct. 13; coordinator is Nancy Lawrence

Book Group 6: 
The Hidden Life of Trees, by Peter Wohlleben, on Oct. 11; coordinator is Angela Scarlett

Book Group 8: 
The Language of Butterflies, by Wendy Williams, on Oct. 25; coordinator is Diana Squire

Book Group 10: 
How to Avoid a Climate Disaster, by Bill Gates, on Oct. 21; coordinator is Sandi Schoenman

Book Group 12: 
The Warmth of Other Suns, by Isabel Wilkerson, on Oct. 7; coordinator is Linda Cook

Book Group 33: 
The Other Mrs., by Mary Kubica, on Oct. 7; coordinators are Jane Pivetti, Nancy Lawrence

Walking Group Forming By Vicki Nicholson

A nucleus of members have created a new group and welcome other women to join. If you would enjoy walking the regional trails and park pathways in the Sacramento area in the company of others, please contact Kathleen Deaver. Kathleen’s contact information can be found in the Membership Directory.

Tokyo Olympics – Did You Hear? By Charmen Goehring

US women athletes brought home more medals than men! You can read more in USA Today (which attributes this success to Title IX) at https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/olympics/us-women-are-dominating-medal-count-at-tokyo-olympics-in-ways-they-ve-never-done-before/ar-AAN0W6E

Printable Newsletter Articles

Click here for Printable Newsletter Articles

Welcome Summer!

Welcome Summer! By Karen Burley

Welcome to AAUW Sacramento’s mid-summer newsletter! We hope you are enjoying your summer and staying cool when the thermometer rises into triple digits. Your branch leadership team continues to work on your behalf, planning an enlightening and enjoyable year for our members starting in September. Please continue to tell your friends and acquaintances about all the benefits of AAUW membership and that we would love to have them join us. Enjoy this update, and we’ll see you in September!

AAUW Program year ends with honors, speeches, hope for our city

AAUW Program year ends with honors, speeches, hope for our city – By Kim Rutledge

The final program of the AAUW Sacramento Branch was held on Saturday, May 15 on Zoom. The meeting started with the installation of new officers for the 2021-22 branch year, led by Gloria Yost. Marty McKnew and Donna Holmes were sworn in as membership co-directors, and Carole Cline was sworn in as secretary.

Liz Jordan presented President Angela Scarlett with her past-presidents’ pin, even though she will serve as president for another year. Liz also gave us a fascinating history of the pin’s origins and design. Other past presidents in the meeting shared about what the pin means to them.

Outgoing Membership Co-director Bonnie Pennix honored the branch’s 50-year members: Dorie Bracchi, Susan McLearan, Elaine Moody, Pat Stilwell and Gloria Yost. Each 50-year member received a certificate, which was mailed to their home.

Speech Trek winner Saher Haidari delivered her winning speech and impressed us all with her intelligence and poise, even over Zoom.

Funds Director Charmen Goehring presented this year’s branch named gift honorees: Karen Burley, Sharon Anderson, Marty McKnew, Arlene Cullum and Pat Winkle.

Our keynote speaker was Sacramento City Councilmember Katie Valenzuela. She engaged our members in a discussion about her priorities for the city, including addressing housing and homelessness issues. She also spoke about the importance of having more women in leadership roles at all levels of government.

Looking ahead to the 2021-22 program year, please save the following dates for the Fall 2021 programs: Saturday, Sept. 11; Saturday, Oct. 23; Saturday, Nov. 13; and Saturday, Dec. 11. More program details will come in the next newsletter. If you are interested in helping plan next year’s programs, please email Kim Rutledge – you will find her contact information in the Sacramento Branch Membership Directory.

President’s Message

President’s Message By Angela Scarlett

Angela Scarlett

Summer is right around the corner and our AAUW branch will take a bit of a break. In July new officers will convene and start planning the program and events for the coming year. I hope you enjoyed our May program “A Glimpse of the Future,” and we look forward to seeing you in September for our kickoff event.

As life starts to become more “normal,” have a fun and memorable summer and remember to stay safe!

President’s Message

President’s Message By Angela Scarlett

Spring is here! I hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather. While this is one of my favorite seasons, I know the temperate climate is all too short and that we will be heading into a hot and dry summer. As more of our members receive COVID-19 vaccines, we will review the feasibility of meeting in person. We will continue to offer programming online to allow our members to connect with our branch and mission.

Angela Scarlett

This month, on May 15, we will be installing our new officers, while members will be receiving renewal materials in the mail (thanks to our long-serving membership treasurer, Sharon Anderson!). Katie Valenzuela, Sacramento’s recently elected City Council member, will be speaking. Katie is a fellow “midtowner” like myself. One of her inspirations for running for office was the ballooning rents and lack of affordable housing in the downtown and midtown areas. While Katie also has a rich background in public policy and environmental advocacy, I have found her story to run for office to be a compelling one. What is your catalyst for getting more involved, be it volunteering for AAUW, women’s commissions, or running for office? I hope everyone can attend.

If you would like to get more involved with AAUW Sacramento, we have several positions open, including membership treasurer and Sunshine Lady. Jane Cooley has served admirably as our Sunshine Lady, sending out condolences and birthday cards.

If you would like to ensure that you receive AAUW National and AAUW California communications, consider this resource from AAUW CA (https://www.aauw-ca.org/documents/2019/08/communication-reference-guide.pdf/). This document has helpful emails from AAUW CA and AAUW National to add to your safe list so essential communications don’t land in folks’ spam folders.

The Time is — Now?

The Time is — Now?

Submitted by Liz Jordan. From the AAUW CA Board: Living our Vision of Equity for All
Click here to find out more and see some inspiring videos. Also, see https://www.aauw-ca.org/documents/2021/03/living-our-vision-of-equity-for-all-presentation.pdf/.

Is this the time, now, after 140 years, to invite everybody with similar goals to join AAUW? The AAUW California Board of Directors thinks it is and would like you to know why.

We work hard for the AAUW vision of equity for all and the mission of advancing gender equity, education, health issues, and more. But so do others, including many without a college degree. Are we missing out on their energy, ideas, and help? Before you vote, please review the aauw.org home page. It reflects our inclusive mission for equity. Our membership bylaws do not.

Here is some history that may surprise you: Until the late 1940s, only women with four-year degrees from a small list of accredited, elite universities could join AAUW. According to Sharon Schuster, past AAUW National and California president, “Some would like to forget that we used to vote on prospective members — with all of the implications of what that meant.”

The World War II years broadened AAUW’s vision and all women with four-year degrees from any accredited schools were invited to join; applicants were required to present their degree certificates.

The next requirements to be dropped were accreditation and proof of degree. Then the  4-year degree requirement was dropped as holders of 3-year nursing degrees and 2-year associate degrees became eligible. Eligibility was also extended to students working toward a degree. In the 1980’s, men were allowed to join. Now, in 2021, most membership requirements have been eliminated and only one remains: that of the two-year degree.

AAUW California understands why some members might be reluctant to embrace this idea: it has long been a badge of accomplishment for women to earn a college degree, and we all enjoy socializing with others who enjoy the same things. But shared values are not an automatic byproduct of a college degree.

Before we discuss the benefits of removing this last barrier, you should know that quite a few foundations refuse to grant funds to organizations that discriminate. Yes, that is how they view this requirement. And this reduced funding pool restricts our work.

The younger generations do not view our restriction receptively either. We believe that they are more likely to join organizations with open membership working for similar goals.

The same can be said for potential members of more diverse backgrounds. We have the same vision for the future of all women and all girls; we should work together. And we can do that more effectively if we welcome everybody. Also, in order to provide support for those excluded or marginalized, we need to stop excluding and marginalizing. We need to LIVE our mission and vision.

So, how would AAUW change if everyone could join?

Your enthusiastic Tech Trek moms without degrees want to help our splendid STEM camps. Now they could.

New people might join your board to help with AAUW projects and events. They will bring fresh perspectives.

Remember when you had a friend who wanted to join AAUW but was one year short of a degree? Now she could.

This would be AAUW’s future face: more people of all backgrounds and colors, more hands working on our mission; more members to join discussion groups. We would be an organization that welcomes everybody.

And, how would it NOT affect AAUW or your branch?

It will not affect the uniqueness of AAUW. Its uniqueness is its breadth of programming, research, policy, advocacy, fellowships and grants, and grassroots membership.

  • It will not change your branch’s involvement in local scholarships or interest groups.
  • It will not change the mission of the branch. Mission is not determined by a degree, but by belief in and dedication to equality for women.

Sharon Schuster also said, “AAUW has survived because of our ability to change and because our membership requirements have changed over the years.”

So, when April 7th arrives, do remember the issues we raise here and cast your vote in the AAUW National election for a positive future for an AAUW that welcomes everybody.. As much as we value the way we have been, we can also value the way we will be. It’s time we walked the talk.

Carol Holzgrafe, Director
Branch Assistance Contact
AAUW California

Update on Funds, Legacy Circle, AAUW CA Annual Meeting

Update on Funds, Legacy Circle, AAUW CA Annual Meeting By Charmen Goehring

Although I had planned to host a silent auction to benefit the Greatest Needs Funds in April, I

Charmen Goehring

have yet to hear from anyone expressing interest in participating. Generally, we have benefited from a small auction in January at the annual Interbranch Council luncheon — we did not have that opportunity this year with the event on Zoom. I am looking for members to donate items. (It can be a service offered, physical item or specialty — for example, I just won a bid for three months of oranges delivered to my house next winter in another auction.) I just need a picture or two of the offering and a sentence or two describing it. If we have sufficient interest, we will run the online auction in May.  Please contact Charmen Goehring for more information.

Legacy Circle

I would also like to congratulate and thank Ruth Werner for making the decision to join the Legacy Circle. By pledging to leave a gift to AAUW, Ruth is living her values and dedication to equity for women and girls. If you would like to follow Ruth’s example and join the other Sacramento members who have already made plans to support AAUW’s mission into the future, click here or visit https://www.aauw.org/resources/member/support-aauw/leave-a-legacy/ or contact Charmen Goehring.

AAUW CA Annual Meeting  – April 17, 2021, 9:30am-1:00pm

From the comfort of your home, come hear how AAUW CA and its branches fared during the past year!

Named Gift Awardees and Activity of the Year will be announced, Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson will be honored for her many years of support, and we will receive an update from National Board Chair Julia Brown. The Speech Trek finalist videos will be shown and the winner named. Jo Harberson’s daughter will announce her final gift and share some words on what AAUW meant to her mother. Legacy Circle members will be recognized (including those in the Sacramento branch!) and we will meet the candidates running for the State Board next month. The event will wrap up with a special treat — the play “We Did It For You”, directed by past State President Cathy Foxhoven.

Register to attend the online event at aauw-ca.org. For more information, contact Charmen Goehring.


Branch Birthdays, Book Groups, Printable Newsletter Articles, and Did You Know?

Branch Birthdays, Book Groups, and Printable Newsletter Articles

  • Click here for Branch Birthdays for April
  • Click here for Book Group books for April
  • Click here for Printable Newsletter Articles

Sacramento Branch Sends Three Students to NCCWSL By Gloria Yost and Liz Jordan

AAUW’s highly rated National Conference for College Women Student Leaders, NCCWSL, is being held virtually this spring with a two-day program on May 25 and 26, 2021.  Because of the lower cost of a virtual event, our branch can send three young women who are excited to attend.

Serena Sotelo, a junior at CSU Sacramento, is from Oxnard, CA.  She is majoring in forensic chemistry and hopes to get her master’s in forensic science at the University of New Haven after completing her bachelor’s degree.

Tiffiny Joseph, a sophomore at American River College, is from Sacramento and a current AAUW Sacramento scholarship winner.  She plans to transfer to UC Davis to work for a chemistry degree.

Another local Sacramentan, Ashley Jeffers, is a senior at CSUS who is graduating this May with a BS in women’s studies.  She plans to begin applying for doctorate programs in women’s and gender studies this fall.

Keynote speaker Brittney Cooper is associate professor of women’s and gender studies and Africana studies at Rutgers University. She is a widely sought-after public speaker at universities throughout the country, and an in-demand commentator for radio, podcasts and television.  She is also an author.

In addition to hearing other distinguished speakers, attendees will participate in workshops on  leadership development, professional development, women’s issues, and identity and diversity.

Seeking Applications for Commissioners

Sacramento County is making history this month for our women and girls by seeking applications for Commissioners on the newly created Sacramento County Commission on the Status of Women and Girls. We invite you to celebrate women’s history month by sharing this great news and/or applying to be an inaugural commissioner.  Applications can be found here as of today.

Women’s commissions have a long and impressive history of advising California government leaders and the public on issues affecting the well-being and equity of women and girls. In addition to the California State Commission on the Status of Women and Girls, there are 26 women’s commissions in cities and counties throughout California.  Each of these commissions advises its respective governing body and leads local efforts on a wide range of issues affecting women and girls. These issues include, but are not limited to poverty and economic security, safety, housing, health, education, business, and childcare.

In Sacramento County there are many effective programs supporting women, particularly with respect to domestic violence, homelessness, healthcare, and trafficking. A commission responsible for regularly assessing and advising the Board of Supervisors and the public about the status of women and girls will be an invaluable asset to already existing programs, including helping to identify gaps and opportunities for leveraging resources for women who continue to be disproportionately impacted by COVID-19.

It is our hope to seat a skilled and diverse Commission that truly represents the women and girls in our county. We are excited about this historic moment, invite your participation, and thank you for all you do to support women and girls.

The Blue Ribbon Commission on the Establishment of a Sacramento County Women’s Commission

Did  You Know?

Members can view more than 60 webinars on topics of Social Justice, Advocacy, Professional Development, STEM and Membership at AAUW.org.

AAUW’s latest research effort is now available for download. “Factory Flaw: The Attrition and Retention of Women in Manufacturing” examines how a history of sexual harassment, unequal pay and opportunity denied drive women away from lucrative jobs.

Interest Groups

You can find out about the Interest Groups offered by the branch by looking at the banner on the home webpage (just under the branch photo) and clicking on “Activities”. Click on “Interest Groups” and you will find a list of all Interest Groups, when they meet, and the group leader to contact for more information (email addresses and phone numbers can be found in the Branch Membership Directory and Handbook).

Some Interest Groups are taking a break during the pandemic, but a number are still meeting – virtually! According to the Interest Group Coordinator, Vicki Nicholson, here are the groups that are currently meeting:

  • All Book Groups
  • All 3 sections of Great Decisions
  • Art & Architecture
  • Film Fans
  • Reader’s Theater
  • Travel

Feel free to contact a group leader to learn more about the Interest Group. They would love to have you join in!

Calling All Communications Volunteers

Looking for a way to get more involved with AAUW Sacramento’s many activities? Only have a couple of hours a month to donate time? Well, we have the job for you!

AAUW Sacramento Communications team is looking to expand.  We are looking for:

  • enthusiastic writers
  • dedicated shutterbugs
  • social media mavens
  • publicity hounds
  • talented graphic artists
  • …and other media-minded AAUW members.

The team currently produces a monthly newsletter, manages a Facebook page and runs a Twitter account. We would love to have a larger pool of volunteers who are willing to support AAUW Communications endeavors.

Here are some examples of a upcoming communications need:

Photographing this month’s May 17 Meeting
Assisting AAUW Programming by writing press releases or designing flyers
Writing articles or helping produce the lovely newsletter you are reading today
Running our Twitter account by creating daily tweets and relevant hashtags
Creating content for our website
Finding good locations to advertise flyers

If any of this sounds intriguing, please contact Communications Director, Angela Scarlett, at angela.scarlett@gmail.com or at 916-612-8442