November Birthdays, Book Groups, and Printable Articles

Celebrating November Birthdays! By Donna Holmes

  Happy Birthday to All!

  • Kathleen Asay                         11/2
  • Esther Gaines                         11/3
  • Cristina Whitlock                    11/6
  • Alicia Hetman                         11/7
  • Ann Arneill                              11/11
  • Eileen Heaser                         11/12
  • Donna Holmes                       11/14
  • Linda Lawrence                      11/16
  • Carole Cline                            11/18
  • Jennifer Henderson               11/19
  • Elaine Ellers                            11/23
  • Cynthia Valls                           11/28
  • Elaine Moody                          11/30

Book Groups By Sharon Anderson

Book Group 2: 
The Four Winds, by Kristin Hannah, on Nov. 9; coordinator is Carol Hayes

Book Group 3: 
Group does not meet in Nov. and Dec.; coordinator is Carolyn Meeker

Book Group 4: 
How to be an Anti-Racist, by Ibram X. Kendi, on Nov. 10; coordinator is Nancy Lawrence

Book Group 6: 
Interior Chinatown, by Charles Yu, on Nov. 8; coordinator is Angela Scarlett

Book Group 8: 
The Vanishing Half, by Brit Bennett, on Nov. 22; coordinator is Diana Squire

Book Group 10: 
The Vanishing Half, by Brit Bennett, on Nov. 18; coordinator is Sandi Schoenman

Book Group 12: 
The Other Einstein, by Marie Benedict, on Nov. 4; coordinator is Linda Cook

Book Group 33: 
Next Year in Havana, by Chanel Cleeton, on Nov. 4; coordinators are Jane Pivetti, Nancy Lawrence

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