September Kickoff

Sacramento Branch of AAUW Presents (By Hedda Smithson)

Episode One of “The Rights Stuff”:
                               The Right to Equal Opportunity

                             >>> Lights, Camera, Action!! <<<

Saturday, September 23, 10 AM in the Arcade Library, 2443 Marconi Ave

We begin our program year with a double feature: our camera focuses on two very important programs that empower women and girls: National Conference of College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL) and Tech Trek. Each participant will be invited to meet with you to share her experiences.

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” – poet Muriel Strode.

The most recent NCCWSL conference was held May 31 to June 3 at the University of Maryland, College Park. Details of the three days of leadership training, inspiration and networking agenda are found at Sacramento Branch sponsored Marissa Floyd and Paola Mendez. Marissa majored in Child Development and was a behavior analyst at a local school district. Paola is a political science journalism major.

Tech Trek was created in 1988 by Marie Wolbach at Stanford. The STEM-oriented camps (virtual and in person) are designed for girls ready to enter 8th grade. Science teachers from Will C Wood (Eli) and W. E. Mitchell (Corinna and Jonathan) nominated students to be considered by our Tech Trek committee. Students wrote essays and were interviewed by committee members as a part of the selection process. Phyllis and Melena (Will C. Wood) and Isabella, Chelsea, Victoria, and Avery (W.E. Mitchell) attended the camp at UC Davis last July while Mia, Jaila, and Sana attended a virtual camp. Each camper experienced a full week of exciting workshops, sessions and evening events. Kathleen Deaver, Lori Franz, Hedda Smithson, and Gloria Yost visited to see what was going on. Long time supporter of Tech Trek, Jo Reiken, was there as our guide. The highlight was watching the solar powered cars, designed and built by the students, compete. Tech Trek is but one program offered through aauw-ca .

The Lights and Camera are focused on NCCWLS and Tech Trek. Now it’s time for Action: interact with our guests, volunteer to help with a committee, and/or donate to the branch for one or both of these programs. Or write your own role.

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This article represents your TICKET! Take advantage of this opportunity to see AAUW Sacramento in action. Greet old friends and make new ones. Bring a relative, neighbor and/or friend. This event is open to the public. Let’s spread the word!!