Speech Trek Updates by Ann Arneill, Speech Trek Co-Director

Speech Trek is getting into full swing with our fall busy season. We work with all nine campuses in the Elk Grove Unified High School District participating in our public speaking contest. Now is the time to recruit students to participate. We have distributed our promotional materials and scheduled our workshops, which Shari Beck, Kathleen Deaver, and Ann Arneill will be conducting. At these workshops, we inform students about the contest rules, present the topic, give them resources for researching the topic, and provide public speaking tips. Once the students who decide to participate have completed their speech drafts, we will give them feedback on their speeches. The topic this year is, ARE MEN AND WOMEN TRULY EQUAL TODAY? OR ARE THE SUFFRAGETTES OF 1920 STILL SUFFERING IN 2020? The contest will be held on Feb. 15, 2020, at Cosumnes River College, Room 150 at 9:00 am.