Funds: A Further Explanation of the Latest Changes By Kathleen Asay and Merrie McLaughlin, Funds Co-Directors

Kathy Asay

Kathy Asay

In the October issue of Capitol Ideas, we explained the establishment of the Strategic Plan and how the reorganization of AAUW Funds reflects those priorities.   The three new categories, Education and Training, Economic Security, and Leadership all aim to advance gender equity for all women and girls. In addition to these three, the AAUW Greatest Needs Fund (9110) is continuing, and the Governance and Sustainability Fund (4451) was established.

The Governance and Sustainability Fund’s purpose is to provide resources and support for the Education and Training, Economic Security and Leadership pillars of the Strategic Plan. An additional purpose includes the goal of modernizing AAUW’s technology to better support and serve our members. This fund is also a means for investigating other areas of funding. In essence, it is fundamental to the ability of the organization to use the best possible practices, innovative techniques and to strengthen our fiscal responsibility.

The AAUW Greatest Needs Fund continues to be important to the expansion of such programs as Start Smart, Work Smart and the National Conference for College Student Women Leaders (NCCWSL). This fund contributes to the “strength, relevance and viability of AAUW “ by ensuring the AAUW’s flexibility to meet challenges by conducting research and promoting initiatives in support of our mission.

The Strategic Plan’s three pillars as explained in October’s Funds article and the two discussed here emphasize flexibility and sustainability in the advancement of equity for women and girls through advocacy, education and research.


Merrie McLaughlin

Your Taxes, Your Donations – Redirecting Your RMD

At this time of year, we begin to think about taxes and how we can offset them by making charitable donations. Members who are accustomed to making their donations when renewing their membership may not have considered donating at other times of the year. However, many of us deal with an RMD (Required Minimum Distribution) from a non-Roth IRA or a 401(K) at year’s end.

AAUW members may make an RMD donation to Special Projects Fund (SPF), which supports AAUW California projects.  Information about SPF is available on AAUW CA’s website at  Members can also direct their Required Minimum Distribution to be mailed directly to a Sacramento Branch project and/or scholarship program, such as Scholarship, Tech Trek or Speech Trek.

To facilitate the proper credit of RMD checks to the desired recipient, we recommend that members have their financial institution issue the check in the name of the fund, but have it mailed to the member for forwarding along with a note designating the project to which the monies are to be credited. If the donor is designating the monies to Tech Trek, it is imperative to indicate the camp and branch to be credited for the donation.  Members also need to print their member number on the check memo line.

Membership Number

A donor needs to include her/his membership number on the donation check. Member Numbers can be found on the website Members Services Database (MSD) or check with Donna Holmes, Finance Director, or Sharon Anderson, Membership Treasurer.

About MSD From

The AAUW Member Services Database (MSD) is your online access to AAUW’s national database records. The MSD makes it faster and easier to control the accuracy of the membership records.

Individual Members can use the MSD to update their member record and contact information (except name changes contact, to make a contribution and track their membership and giving history for tax purposes. Additionally, branch members can view their branch member roster and leader contacts.