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The scholarship application for the 2021-22 academic year is now posted! See the Branch/Outreach Programs drop-down menu on the branch website home page.

Membership-Treasurer Position Available By Sharon Anderson

After 12 years in the Membership-Treasurer position, I am finally ready to relinquish it to someone else!  I’ve stayed so long because I enjoy it so much, but it’s finally time to pass it on to someone else.  So if you might be interested, notify our finance director, Liz Jordan, by email.

Here’s what I like about it:  I get to 1) play around with a database (currently, Excel), 2) keep membership data and membership dues and donations sorted out and accurate, 3) work with the finance and membership directors on matters of mutual involvement, 4) keep our National membership records accurate by way of our roster with the National organization, 5) produce (accurately, hopefully) our yearly Directory, 6) have a little envelope-stuffing party for membership renewals in April, 6) hand off our renewal letters and Directories to the bulk-mail post office in West Sac, 7) use the Intelligent Mail Small Business tool to produce the mailing labels for our mail-outs, 8) answer members’ questions within my area of information, 9) process new member applications, 10) attend board meetings once a month to provide any relevant information or advice and keep abreast of what’s happening in the branch.  And in case you’re worried about it, only simple arithmetic is required!

This job might be for you if you enjoy working on a computer, are good with attention to detail, have some experience with a database, especially Excel, and enjoy responding to questions within your area of expertise.  If you like these things, I’m pretty sure you’ll really enjoy this job.  I sure do, thus the 12 years that have inexplicably rolled by so fast.

Anyone who’s interested can request from me an emailed copy of the job duties, and I’ll send it right out. Contact information for Sharon can be found in the Sacramento Branch Membership Directory & Handbook.