AAUW Sacramento: Take me to your leader!

Take me to your leader! By Hedda Smithson

Our governing body consists of elected and appointed positions (Membership Directory p. 8.) In April of 2020, Article X of our Bylaws, (Officers) was modified by defining the term of service (two years or until successors are found) and who is elected when.

Secretary and Finance Director are elected in even-numbered years while President-Elect, and the Directors of Membership, Program and Funds are elected in odd-numbered years. To help find candidates as needed, three branch members are elected to a Nominating Committee and two members are appointed by the President.

The nominating committee for the 2020-2021 membership year consisted of Molly Dugan, Donna Holmes and Liz Jordan (elected in April of 2020), plus Hedda Smithson and Linda Sparks, appointed by President Angela Scarlett. They met via Zoom and presented a slate that was announced and elected in April.

Newly elected and continuing officers are listed below. See if you can match the name with a description. For the answers (and all the scoop) , continue to Part 2.

  1. Carole Cline, Secretary                                    A. Testified before Board of Supervisors
  2. Charmen Goehring, Funds Director             B. Wanted to be an actress
  3. Donna Holmes, Membership Co-Director   C. Wrote the skit for the Anniversary Celebration
  4. Liz Jordan, Finance Director                           D. Plays Scrabble virtually
  5. Nancy Lawrence, Nominating Committee   E. Worked as a newspaper copy editor
  6. Marty McKnew, Membership Co-Director    F. Attended AAUW meetings with her mom.
  7. Cherril Peabody, Nominating Committee    G. Her grandfather was a state senator
  8. Kim Rutledge, Program Director                    H. Started an Oral History Project
  9. Angela Scarlett, President                               I. Was a CA State officer
  10. Linda Sparks, Nominating Committee          J. Needed to talk to educated women

AAUW Sacramento is fortunate to have such talented and dedicated members who are willing to accept these very important leadership positions. We ask you to think about this question: “When was the last time you did something for the first time?” Think about it!! Our branch is your branch! How will you lead?

To meet our new and continuing leaders, click here.