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AAUW Fund Zoom Event-Jan. 28th!

AAUW Fund Zoom Event Sponsored by Capital Counties InterBranch Council (IBC)

Saturday, Jan. 28, 1 – 3 p.m.

Your local InterBranch Council is delighted to offer members the opportunity to hear directly from four powerful women. AAUW CA State President Sandi Gabe, always engaging and knowledgeable, will bring us up to date on the issues that inspire us.  Our AAUW CA Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Director, Stormy Miller Sabia, will speak on the progress and the challenges we face.  Following these articulate leaders, two dynamic AAUW Fund Grant recipients—Kyndra Cleveland and Isha Poudel — will present their research, connecting us to the passion that motivates their work and their lives.  We are delighted to sponsor their research and even more delighted to hear them speak to us directly. Register on EventBrite for this free Zoom event with this <link>. Once registered, you will be emailed the Zoom link 2 days prior to the event. Our branch members generously support AAUW Funds–please take this opportunity to do so again.

Kyndra Cleveland, pursuing her law degree at the University of California, Berkeley, seeks to amplify the voices of parents and children navigating legal systems, bringing the results of her research to policy decisions.  Children in the many thousands are removed from their families during crises, and then often face a chaotic road without a chance for family reunification.  These children can be lost in the system – but Kyndra and the Policy Advocacy Clinic at UC Berkeley are working to give voice to their challenges and use data to change policy for their well-being. She is a polished and effective speaker on a critical topic, of special relevance to AAUW’s advocacy for girls.

Isha Poudel, a graduate student at UC Davis studying international agricultural development, with a focus on gender equities, takes us to Nepal with a compelling project that makes us see the world a little differently.  In Nepal, three-fourths of the economy is agricultural—but 80% of the farmers are women. Men have emigrated to other areas to work, leaving the women farmers to deal with the challenges of gender bias, of food insecurity, of Covid-19, and of global warming.

Don’t miss these terrific four speakers on Jan. 28! Register NOW using the EventBrite link above!

Speech Trek Contest Is Coming Up

Speech Trek Contest is Coming Up By Ann Arneill

The Speech Trek Committee has completed its recruitment for Elk Grove High School students to compete in the contest with this year’s topic:  “How can communities, organizations and citizens of all ages help protect and expand voting rights?” The contest will be held on Feb. 18, 2023 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.  We hope to conduct it IN PERSON at Cosumnes River College, Room Winn 150, COVID-19 pandemic conditions permitting.

We hope to see you there!



A new book group is forming which will only meet generally in the Tahoe Park area (a little south of Sac State).  All members are invited, of course, but the meetings will be hosted generally in the Tahoe Park area.  Meetings will be held on the 2nd  Thursday at 1:30 p.m.  The second meeting is Thursday, February 9, 2023, at 1:30 p.m., on 55th Street, 95820.  If you may be interested, please e-mail Joy Clous (her contact information can be found in the Membership Directory) to be notified of the location of the meeting.

Interest Group/Book Group Happenings

Interest Group Happenings By Vicki Nicholson

Please note that Film Fans is now discontinued.

  • Art & Architecture:  Feb. 3, 1 p.m., Sojourner Truth African Heritage Museum in  South Sacramento
  • Board Games:  Feb. 24, 7 p.m., Ruth Werner’s home
  • Great Decisions I:  Feb. 20, 5 p.m., Organizational meeting/book distribution at Selland’s Market Cafe, 915 Broadway, Sacramento, contact Cathy Locke
  • Great Decisions II:  Feb. 9, 7 p.m., contact Lynn Wood
  • Great Decisions III:  Feb. 20, 1 p.m., contact Kathy Schrumpf
  • Healthy Heart:  Feb. 17, Twin Lotus Thai, 8348 Folsom Blvd., 11:30 a.m.
  • Readers Theater:  Feb. 14, 10 a.m., home of Mary Williams
  • Scrabble:  Feb. 27, 1 p.m., home of Vivian Counts
  • Singles Dining:  Feb. 5, 6 p.m., contact Nancy McCabe

Book Group News By Sharon Anderson

February Book Groups

Book Group 1:
The Giver of Stars,
by Jojo Moyes, on Feb. 12; coordinator is Joy Clous

Book Group 2:
The Lincoln Highway, by Amor Towles, on Feb. 7;  coordinator is Carol Hayes

Book Group 3: 
A Long Way Gone, by Ishmael Beah, on Feb. 22; coordinator is Carolyn Meeker

Book Group 4: 
The Boys, by Ron Howard, on Feb. 8; coordinator is Pat Morehead

Book Group 6: 
Beaverland: How One Weird Rodent Made America, by Leila Philip, on Feb. 20; coordinator is Kim Rutledge

Book Group 8: 
Daughters of the Samurai, by Janice Nimura, on Feb. 27; coordinator is Diana Squire

Book Group 10: 
How to Change Your Mind, by Michael Pollen, on Feb. 16 ; coordinator is Sandi Schoenman

Book Group 12: 
Our Missing Hearts, by Celeste Ng, on Feb. 2 coordinator is Linda Cook

Living Our Mission of Equity/Scholarship

Living Our Mission of Equity By Charmen Goehring

We hope you will join us in a monthly equity conversation looking at our own biases and what actions we can take to attract diversity to our branch and become better people in the process. Each month, we read a section of our selected book then meet to discuss what we have learned, along with exploring other issues related to race and equity. We generally meet the first Wednesday of each month from 7 to 8 p.m. on Zoom. This is a joint CHAR/Sacramento activity and open to all.

The Zoom meeting code is 737 420 3780 or you can join using this link:

We will discuss the second half (page 122 through the end) of our current book, “How to Be An Antiracist”. by Dr. Ibram Kendi at 7 p.m. on Feb. 1. If you have questions and to RSVP, please email Charmen at

Scholarship Application Time By Cathy Locke

Women attending UC Davis are now eligible for AAUW Sacramento scholarships.

The branch board on Dec. 5 approved the scholarship committee’s recommendation to add UC Davis to the list of colleges that scholarship recipients may attend. Previously, we have had to turn away otherwise qualified applicants who were transferring from a Los Rios Community College campus to UC Davis. Because UCD is a public university with a major presence in the Sacramento region, it is a logical option for community college transfer students.

The branch is offering $3,000 scholarships for the 2023-24 academic year to women age 25 and older who are pursuing their first baccalaureate degree at American River College, Cosumnes River College, Folsom Lake College, Sacramento City College, California State University, Sacramento, or UC Davis. Students must be Sacramento County residents at the time of application. The number of scholarships will depend on available funds and the number of qualified applicants. The deadline for applications is March 1, 2023.

Our scholarship program is listed on the financial aid office websites for the various campuses. Information also is provided to mentoring organizations, student services centers and community groups, including Women’s Empowerment and Saint John’s Program for Real Change. We encourage branch members to assist in outreach efforts by passing along information to other organizations and individuals that might be interested in the scholarship program.

Academic and other criteria for applicants are available at Applications may be completed and supplemental materials submitted using the link on the webpage.

Prospective applicants may direct questions about the program or application process to the Scholarship Committee at

Thanks to the generous support of our members, families and friends, we are assisting five women who were each awarded $3,000 scholarships for the current academic year.

Membership Update

Membership Update By Donna Holmes & Marty McKnew

Hope everyone’s new year is off to a great start!  We want to introduce three new members:

Samantha Fischer, a former Tech Trek camper who volunteered at the Fresno camp for five years prior to COVID.  She also volunteered with the San Francisco Branch when she lived there.  Samantha lives in zip code 95826 and may be emailed at

Pamela Harder, with a background in social work who lives in zip code 95835 and may be emailed at  Pamela is interested in Great Decisions II and Healthy Heart.

Kathie Huff, who joined after coming to our new members get-together.  Kathie is a retired resource specialist and special education teacher.  Kathie lives in zip code 95822 and may be emailed at  Kathie is interested in Art & Architecture, Film Fans, Singles Dining Out and Travel.

Please join us in giving them a warm welcome to our branch!

The Branch received a note of thanks from Celeste Roseberry-Mckibbin for the children’s books we donated at the Winter Luncheon. The books were given to a local Head Start in a high poverty area of Citrus Heights.

On a sad note, Anita Miller, Past National, International, State and Branch President passed away on Dec. 29, 2022.  Glee Scully, her long-time friend and 50-year member, has advised us Anita’s family would like donations given to National 9110 Fund in her memory. Here is the obituary:


Celebrating February Birthdays! By Donna Holmes

Happy Birthday to All!

  • Anna Storey                                    2/1
  • Kathleen Deaver                            2/2
  • Arlene Cullum                                2/4
  • Kathie Huff                                     2/4
  • Margaret Ann Dukleth                  2/7
  • Susan Whetstone                          2/9
  • Barbara Puett                                2/10
  • Jane Cooley                                    2/14
  • Nancy Fox                                       2/16
  • Ann Louise Kinnison                     2/21
  • Linda Howard                                2/22
  • Jean Brown                                     2/24
  • Carol Finney                                   2/25
  • Inger Lindholm                              2/26
  • Karen W. Smith                              2/26

The Reproductive Choice Committee Changes Course

The Reproductive Choice Committee Changes Course By Liz Jordan

The Reproductive Choice committee is changing course.  We decided to try “doing what AAUW does best” – read and discuss what we read for our own enlightenment.  In addition, we intend to share with the branch insights and information in which we hope fellow members would be interested.

Yes, we are still interested in the “post-Dobbs” environment, but the committee felt we had completed our research into the changes made around the U. S.  in the many states that have banned or seriously restricted abortion.  We have accumulated a significant library of articles, podcasts and videos on the topic and are happy to share with anyone who is interested.

For February meeting, Feb. 9, 1 p.m. over Zoom, we are independently listening to as many episodes as we can of the podcast Ordinary Equality by Kate Kelly and Jamia Wilson.  This podcast is in its second year of production and covers a lot of the history of the women’s movement, the Roe v. Wade decision, the history of the Equal Rights Amendment, and the impact of the Dobbs decision by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS).  It’s available where ever you get your podcasts.

Beginning in March, we plan to read by section the book “Lady Justice” by Dahlia Lithwick.  At the February meeting, we will plan how much we want to read and discuss in March.

We are looking for more members who are interested in listening and reading on these topics.  If you are interested in joining us for conversation, please email Liz Jordan (contact information can be found in the Membership Directory).  We will send you the Zoom link and welcome all new members.

Tech Trek is Trekking Along! 

Tech Trek is Trekking along!  By Mary Miller and Lori Franz

 Excitement is building for Tech Trek 2023 and we are delighted to see our chapter participating again.  The Tech Trek committee has begun the process of promoting the program and recruiting residential and virtual campers for this summer.  Our target schools have been notified and provided materials. The principals and key teachers are eager to help us identify and recruit students.  Funding for us to recruit up to 7 on-campus and 3 virtual campers has been approved by the board. However, we have learned that there are 148 more requests for camper spots than will be available at the 2023 Davis and Sonoma camps. That means that every Northern California branch planning to send girls to those camps most likely would be limited to sending a maximum of three campers to residential Tech Trek in 2023.  We are disappointed, but remain hopeful that in the final allocation we will receive more slots.

Our campers will be attending the UC Davis camp to be held July 9-15.  The Davis camp will have a variety of on-campus field trips and experiences, including visits to the nationally known School of Veterinary Medicine. Also important, campers will live in the residence halls and have a great campus experience, which can be life changing for girls from disadvantaged situations.   Our chapter is part of the AAUW Tech Trek mission in California that in 2022 received over 1,500 nominations from more than 400 teachers at nearly 350 schools, resulting in over 1,000 applications from 94 branches narrowed down to nearly 750 selected and alternate campers.  We can all be proud of the opportunities this AAUW program creates for future women scientists, engineers, technologists and mathematicians.

Elections Finally Over –  How’d We Do in ’22?

Elections Finally Over –  How’d We Do in ’22?

By Kathi Harper, Public Policy Chair AAUW California

The election is finally over!  In addition to an end to the non-stop requests for donations, AAUW members can be pretty happy with the results.  Here are a few highlights:

  • 1 woman each was added to the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate, bringing the numbers to 124 (H) and 25 (S)
  • Of the total of 149, 54 are women of color
  • We lost the most powerful woman in government (Nancy Pelosi) but still have a woman on the Minority leadership team, Minority Whip Katherine Clark
  • Governors of 12 states are now women
  • 23% of all mayors across the nation are women, including our brand new and first female mayor of Los Angeles, Karen Bass
  • 20 women won new seats in the California Legislature and 30 female incumbents were re-elected, bringing the total to 50 – but still just 42%
  • All executive positions in California except Governor are filled by women, including Secretary of State, Lieutenant Governor, Treasurer, and Controller, as well as the Senate Pro Tem
  • Proposition 1 prevailed and women’s right to control their own reproductive choices is now enshrined in our constitution.

And here are some fun facts:

  • Only 3.2% of all members of Congress to date have been women
  • California has sent more women to Congress than any other state – a total of 47 to date
  • Vermont is the only state that has never sent a woman to either the House or the Senate

The State Public Policy committee thanks each and every AAUW California member who voted,  who assisted in our Voter Education (VE) campaign by spreading our messages on social media, who took the pledge to vote for Prop 1 (we had 437 sign up!) and who worked within their branches to do their own VE events.

For a more detailed analysis of the election results, visit

AAUW CA Tidbits/Printable Articles


AAUW CA Office New Mailing Address:

AAUW California
PO Box 160067
Sacramento, California 95816-0067

AAUW CA Facebook and Instagram Pages

Their Social Media pages are packed with content specific to AAUW California; this effort was a recommendation from the marketing consultants they engaged last year. They are currently running six(!) promotional campaigns:

  • Gov Trek,
  • TheKindness of Color webinar,
  • theGrowing Membership webinar,
  • theAbout AAUW: Did You Know? spots,
  • and the newFamous Women in History and Days to Celebrate announcements (look for the fun recent post on “Call a Friend Day.”)

The graphics for all of these are really eye-catching!

DIVERSITY, EQUITY, & INCLUSION                                                                            

Stormy Miller Sabia, DirectorDEI Committee Chair,


The AAUW California DEI Committee sends a great big THANK YOU for your participation in our first DEI coordinator/director community conversation – “Let’s Talk DEI.”  We prepared an agenda that identified the goals of the meeting, organized breakout rooms to provide you an opportunity to get to know one another, and hoped your group of DEI branch coordinators/ directors would become collaborators around issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion.   Not only did you do just that, but you collectively took the ball and hit it way out of the park!  All the breakout rooms buzzed with friendly introductions and candid biographical information that showed amazing variety yet a similar longstanding commitment to equity for women and girls.

While we thought we would have to spend time explaining the meaning of DEI, you have been advocating for diversity, equity and inclusion one way or another for many years in your own milieu.  Those coordinators/directors who were new to DEI quickly grasped the scope of the challenge ahead and didn’t seem to shy away. We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome from Session I.  And to those who provided feedback and input, thank you for your openness and transparency as we work to improve the space and community dialogue.

Did you miss Let’s Talk DEI: Session I???  Here’s a link and password (653525) to access the recording.

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