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May Program – In Person!

May Meeting to Celebrate Our Members By Kim Rutledge

The AAUW Sacramento Branch will hold its May membership meeting on Saturday, May 21, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Sacramento Dharma Center, 3111 Wissemann Drive, Sacramento, CA 95826. The meeting will feature a presentation from this year’s Speech Trek winner (tentative), plus recognition of our 50-year members and our named gift honorees, and installation of the 2022-23 branch officers.

Following the program, a catered lunch from My Sister’s Cafe will be served. My Sister’s Café is a volunteer-based support program for My Sister’s House to help domestic violence survivors get back on their feet financially. My Sister’s House serves domestic violence survivors of all ethnicities.

Please RSVP using the Eventbrite link here no later than Friday, May 13. It is important that you RSVP by that date so we can provide the caterer with an accurate head count. Proof of COVID-19 vaccination will be required to attend this event, so please bring your vaccination card or digital vaccination record on your phone. We ask all members to pay $5 cash at the door to help offset the catering cost.

We are excited to see our members in person on May 21!

Leadership Slate Approved

Leadership Slate Approved by Branch By Liz Jordan

At the April 9, 2022, branch meeting, members unanimously approved the partial slate of officers provided by the Nominating Committee.  The attending members voted for Susana Mullen as finance director and for Carole Cline as secretary.  These members will assume their roles on July 1, 2022 and will serve for a two-year term.

The Nominating Committee was unable to find anyone to serve as president or as program director for the next two years.  In addition, the Nominating Committee chair, Liz Jordan, admitted that the committee was distracted with the crises of a leadership deficit, so they overlooked their responsibility to name three new members to the 2023 Nominating Committee.  Three members will be named at date to be determined.

Membership Update and Renewals

Membership Update for May By Donna Holmes and Marty McKnew

We have two new members: Joy Clous and Mahnaz Khazari!  They don’t know each other, yet, but both want to join Great Decisions III.  We are hoping they will attend our May 21st IN PERSON meeting.  Look for more details in the May program article.

Additionally, we have three new 50-Year Members: Mary Lou Lentz, Linda Sparks and Sue Whetstone.  They will be presented with their certificates at our May meeting.  Although Sue may not be up to attending, we are asking her daughter to come and receive her mother’s certificate.


The new National software, called Nimble, is still being rolled out and has a few issues that are being worked on.  Per our National contact, Angie Cooper, indicates that more renewal information will be coming out soon.  The new National dues are $67 of which $64 is tax deductible. A number of the Board members have used the new renewal process successfully.

If you want to renew now, go to AAUW.org and then to Membership.  In the upper right-hand corner of the screen, click on the ‘login’ button. The first time you log in, you’ll need to reset your password by clicking the “Forgot Password” link. From there you will be directed to your “Personal Snapshot”. Do try it. Click HERE for instructions and several tutorials on how to set up your Personal Snapshot, the new term for your personal AAUW portal. (As a current member, you don’t need to be concerned about the information in the video on how to add new members.)

Once you are logged in you will land on your personal page, which has your personal information such as email address, home address and phone, in addition to your current membership information. At the bottom of the page you will see a blue ‘RENEW’ button.  When you click on it you will enter the renewal process.  Your branch and state membership are not automatic. On the branch page you will need to scroll to CA 0092, that is the Sacramento Branch ID, and click it.  On the next page you pick your state, click on CA for California.  Scroll to the bottom (every branch and every state are listed on these pages!) and submit.  At this point you may pay by credit card or directly from your bank account.  You will be given the option to make a National Fund donation.  Or, you may mail me a check.  We will be mailing paper renewals to members not completing online.

If you are an Honorary Life Member you still need to renew but no money needs to be paid and we can do those in bulk.

Look for e-blasts to follow with renewal information – thank you.

Donna Holmes & Marty McKnew
Co-Directors Membership

Living Our Mission of Equity

Living Our Mission of Equity By Charmen Goehring

We hope you will join us in a monthly equity conversation learning about how racism affects us all, and what actions we can take to attract diversity to our branch and become better people in the process. Each month, we read a section of our selected book then meet to discuss what we have learned, along with exploring other issues related to race and equity. We meet the second Wednesday of each month from 7 to 8 p.m. on Zoom. This is a joint CHAR/Sacramento activity. Others are welcome as well.

The Zoom meeting code is 737 420 3780 or you can join using this link:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/7374203780

We will be discussing chapters 8, 9  and 10 of the book, “The Sum of Us: What Racism Costs Everyone and How We Can Prosper Together” by Heather McGhee on May 11 at 7 p.m. We have found it to be an enlightening read thus far. If you have questions and to RSVP, please email Charmen at charminme@yahoo.com.

Speech Trek Contest Celebrates Its Donors

Speech Trek Contest Celebrates Its Donors By Ann Arneill

The Speech Trek Contest season is drawing to a close.  We have one final event that we urge you all to attend:  the May 21, 2022 branch meeting where our first-prize winner, Maren DeMille, will deliver her speech on the topic:
“Has the US lived up to its pledge of liberty and justice for all?  Would requiring the study of diversity, equity, and inclusion in a high school setting help ensure liberty and justice for all?”

Maren has gone on to win fourth-place Honorable Mention in the statewide AAUW contest with 13 other branches competing.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the many branch members who contributed to Speech Trek in 2022.  We appreciate our long-standing contributors and welcome the many new contributors this year.  Because of your generosity, we can award $1,075 in cash prizes to our winners each year.  Donors include Ann Arneill, Kathleen Asay, Alice G. Bauer, Shari Beck, RosaLee Black, Jean Bonar, Margaret Brown, Jane Cooley, Deborah Dunn, Judy Foote, Lori Franz, Cheryl Fuller, Joan Hammond, Marlys Fredrickson Huez, Elizabeth Jordan, Catherine Locke, Mary Miller, Elaine Moody, Susana Mullen, Vicki L. Nicholson, Bonnie Penix, Diane Petersen, Ann Rhodes, Georgia Richardson, Marianne Rorden, Elizabeth Rose, Sandi Schoenman, Barbara Smith, Hedda Smithson, Diana Squire, Anna Storey, Ruth Werner, Shirley Wheeler, Linda Whitney, Sandra Winter and Gloria Yost.

Five women to receive 2022-23 scholarships

Five women to receive 2022-23 scholarships By Cathy Locke, Molly Dugan and Danielle Metzinger

Five women have been selected to receive AAUW Sacramento branch scholarships to aid their educational pursuits during the 2022-23 academic year.

Only five completed applications were received this year, and after reviewing the applications and interviewing the candidates on Zoom, the Scholarship Committee agreed all five warranted our encouragement and financial support. Thanks to the generosity of our members and friends we are able to award scholarships of $3,000 each to Kamariah Alexander, Paola Mendez, Nichole Overbay, Hassina Paiman and Chelsie Williams.

Kamariah Alexander, 31, is a political science major at American River College. She is a single mother with a 3-year-old son and is employed as a legal file clerk. Her job, she said, has inspired her interest in pursuing a law degree. “Being a single mother and a full-time student, all while being employed full time is difficult,” she said. “I have the greatest motivation in the world to keep going, and that is my son.”

Paola Mendez, 26, transferred from East Los Angeles College to California State University, Sacramento, this spring. She is majoring in political science and journalism. She hopes to work in public policy development, particularly policies to aid people who are homeless, or as a journalist covering public policy. Noting that her family experienced homelessness when she was growing up, Paola said, “My life has been surrounded by grief and loss as well as by wants and needs, but being so close to the homeless community has put my own life into perspective. I now strive to become a voice for all those people. I want to be the blessing that I wish I would have had in my childhood.”

Nichole Overbay, 29, is raising two children and majoring in kinesiology at American River College. “My dream has been to become a physical therapist since a car accident left me very incapacitated at 17, yet lucky to be alive,” she said. “I was greatly impacted by my physical therapist, who gave me incredible hope for my future in my very first meeting with him. I will never forget the life that he gave back to me that day, and I hope to give someone, even one person, that kind of hope to heal and live one day.”

Hassina Paiman, 35, has been selected to receive our scholarship for a second year. She is a nursing major at Folsom Lake College and mother of three children. Hassina came to the United States from Afghanistan. “I worked with the American Embassy in Afghanistan, which was dangerous for women, and the job had to be kept secret for myself and my family’s safety,” she said. In addition to her studies, she has served as an ESL tutor at Folsom Lake College. She hopes to combine a nursing degree with her interest in business to work in the finance and management sector of the medical field.

Chelsie Williams, 33, is majoring in biological sciences at Sacramento City College. Her grandmother’s struggles with memory loss sparked Chelsie’s interest in researching neurodegenerative diseases. She said she also is passionate about art and would like to pursue a career as a biological illustrator. “I want to unlock the depth that I believe scientific illustrations can and should project,” she said.

We look forward to hearing from each of the recipients during a virtual or in-person meeting this fall.

Our thanks to branch members for your generous support of the scholarship program through regular contributions, memorial gift and bequests.

May Books, Birthdays, and Printable Articles

Celebrating May Birthdays! By Donna Holmes

  Happy Birthday to All!

  • Ellen Nathan                               5/1
  • Patricia Stillwell                          5/1
  • Patricia Morehead                     5/5
  • Stephenie Moczydkowski         5/7
  • Janis Appel                                  5/13
  • Margaret McCarthy                   5/16
  • Elizabeth Mark                           5/17
  • Rosemary Howard                    5/18
  • Deborah Dunn                           5/22
  • Cheryl Fuller                               5/24
  • Frances Vitulli                             5/24
  • Merrie McLaughlin                    5/26
  • Tamara Olson                             5/28
  • Patty Taylor                                 5/29
  • Margot Leidig                              5/31

Book Groups By Sharon Anderson

Book Group 2:
Ghosts of Gold Mountain, by Gordon Chang, on May 3; coordinator is Carol Hayes

Book Group 3: 
The Book of Lost Names, by Kristin Hamel, on May 25; coordinator is Carolyn Meeker

Book Group 4: 
Slouching Towards Bethlehem, by Joan Didion, on May 11; coordinator is Nancy Lawrence

Book Group 6: 
Damnation Spring, by Ash Davidson, on May 16; coordinator is Angela Scarlett

Book Group 8: 
Libertie, by Kaitlyn Greenidge , on May 23; coordinator is Diana Squire

Book Group 10: 
Interior Chinatown, by Charles Wu, on May 19; coordinator is Sandi Schoenman

Book Group 12: 
The Premonition: A Pandemic Story, by Michael Lewis, on May 5; coordinator is Linda Cook

Book Group 33: 
Open to Another Choice, by Carol Finney, on May 5; coordinators are Jane Pivetti, Nancy Lawrence

Printable Newsletter Articles

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